I voted for Spyderco, but if I didn't have any knives and somebody gifted me a Benchmade I certainly would thank them and be quite happy. Just my 2 cents, Hello Bill – just click the links or the images and you will go straight to the retailer and the current price will be listed there. Spyderco makes many more unique designs, as well as a huge focus on ergonomics, constant improvement, sprint runs, lock types, thinner blade grinds, better centering (at least Benchmade's centering to action ratio used to be waaaaaay off) and so forth. benchmade's s30v tend to take a more polished edge and spyderco's tends to be toothier in my experience. Yeah , get both. I agree with others that say "buy the knife", and I have done that and it ended up with me having 100+ Spyderco's and maybe 15 Benchmade's as of now. When comparing the handling of Benchmade Griptilian 551 vs Spyderco Paramilitary 2, there are some notable characteristics. The Knife Center offers the best Spyderco Knives for sale as well as the full selection and hundreds of Spyderco knife reviews. I suspect the Roadie will face the same fate, as … Okay, enough with the knife puns. - COMFORTABLE: The 940's lightweight design makes it comfortable to hold and use. Spyderco vs. Benchmade. Today, we're going to take a look at a Properly interesting knife, the very first Slipjoint knife from Benchmade, the Benchmade Proper. The ball lock should be the equal of the axis -- same principle, same strengths, and dual coil springs should be more reliable than axis's omega springs -- but it's not clear to me whether Spyderco has quite refined it yet the way Benchmade has the axis. Stop crying. And i have owned several benchmade, spyderco,kershaw ,cold steel . Either way, both are awesome and both are sign of a resurgent Benchmade. I saw him shaving with it once. I don’t often review Benchmade products due to the relatively high entry costs, but this has been on my list for many, many years. The first generation Spyderco had problems with cracking scales. Spyderco products are designed and built for use as cutting and sharpening tools. Benchmade Proper. The Competition. In all seriousness, I'd go with Spyderco over Benchmade. The 940 is a manual knife that can be opened and closed with one hand. A serrated edge knife is a specialized tool. Instant download! Think of peeling an apple or cutting a nice juicy steak. A friend carried the same fully serrated blade for nine years before losing it in a lake, and you can bet your butt he went right out and picked up the same model immediately. Spyderco, Inc. 820 Spyderco Way Golden, CO 80403-8053. Dry your eyes and get over it. The one exception to this that quickly comes to mind is Balisongs vs SmallFlys. Such a great little knife. It's truth and annoying and they don't care. In all seriousness, I'd go with Spyderco over Benchmade. The company uses exacting requirements for their production lines, and the few anecdotal cases of a bad Spyderco knife are few and far between. Benchmade Proper. Spyderco Roadie Tiny Slip Joint Folding EDC Knife – Amazon / Blade HQ. Spyderco will almost always be the more affordable option. Its iconic round thumb hole is known as the “Spyderhole” and makes opening the blade easy… but not quite as easy as a simple stud like other folding knives have. Spyderco vs. Benchmade. Primal Survivor™, Best Knife For Self Defense: 10 Kick-Ass Blades Reviewed & Buyers Guide, Dull Survival Knife? Your responses to someone who claims "The hump on Spyderco knives gets in the way of proper use"? There needs to be a correction in the article, Benchmade offers sharpening services. For the Benchmade I’d suggest the Protagonist 169 fixed blade knife. Same. It just has a great overall feel & I … Benchmade has an identical warranty regarding defects. How horrible lmao. The Competition. Shop thousands of quality knives from all the top knife brands including Spyderco and Benchmade. It just has a great overall feel & I … When comparing the handling of Benchmade Griptilian 551 vs Spyderco Paramilitary 2, there are some notable characteristics. Yeah Spyderco does not offer reblading. They also own several smaller companies that offer more affordable knives such as Byrd Knives. I tend to favor American-made tools and goods, and Benchmade makes more American knives than Spyderco. Spyderco is in my opinion the superior quality knife. Spyderco Roadie Review – Final Thoughts. If I recall correctly, it never found much commercial success. Sharpen It with this Little-Known Method, Best Pocket Knife Brands: 25 Quality Blade Makers To Consider, Survival Books and Movies For Education and Entertainment. It's something that's useful for firefighters, police, or people in similar occupations. Ideal as a stylish gentleman's knife that won't scare anyone. The "Double Dent" characteristic is a pair of symmetrical dimples in the blade that give you a solid purchase for fingernail free two hand opening. So far I can see you have contributed so much to this post I can't wait for "your next" post. Here is a video review. Between the two I like… well, I like them about the same. The opener, because this is a Spyderco, is still a circle, even if it is not a hole, so think of it as the Spyderco version of a nail nick. I was completely uninterested & reluctantly obliged him. Benchmade has a few good slicers, BM 585 and the Bugout. This knife is a truly unique blade. The Spyderco Roadie costs $47.95. The fact that this weighs around an ounce and runs N690 steel, one of the better non-powder metal steels around, is a great thing. Over all they are both good but Benchmade has more prybar type. They just send you a free replacement with a new knife. Spyderco Roadie for sale here at Blade HQ. Click here to see the offers.). 203 posts Page 1 of 11. Spyderco offers a lifetime warranty on their knives and offers a multitude of services for the blade including free sharpening and affordable repairs. But many users agree that, while Benchmade Griptilian 551 is good, Spyderco Paramilitary 2 is indeed better. ... Once again identical (if not a smidgen stiffer) to the UKPK. Generally, both knives have excellent handling. The hump is there by default, as a result of Spyderco's signature thumb hole. Spyderco: Creates knives in the USA but outsources a portion of their work overseas in countries like Japan, Italy, Taiwan, and China. Benchmade also offers laser engraving allowing for unique customization and perfect gifting opportunities. That's how forums work. The big dogs duke it out again. The current battle is for the Best Lightweight Knife. I have a lot of knives, however this knife is a wonder to behold. Let’s cut to the chase. After the company began to gain a following he introduced a line of knife sharpeners and folding pocket knives. I also own the Spyderco Roadie, and that has a much weaker action.