Welcome to your site

Corporative Site comes with many modules and features to speed up the creation of your site.

Below is a list with the location of some of the resources enabled by default:

  • This block's template is located at /profiles/corporative_site/modules/custom/welcome.tpl.php. It has been added to the frontpage by the Homepage Context.
  • The frontpage has been defined to be 'home' at Site information. It uses an empty page so you can easily add blocks to it. You can edit or add empty pages at Empty page callbacks.
  • The sidebar blocks are loaded by a site wide context. You can edit it at the General Context settings. Click on 'Blocks' when being at that page so you can choose which blocks should be listed in all pages.
  • The Facebook fan box can be configured at Fan box settings. You can specify there your Facebook page.